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Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to Prosperity One Title Company! We understand that navigating the world of real estate transactions and title services can be complex. To help you better understand our services and how we can assist you, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions along with their answers.


A title company plays a pivotal role in real estate transactions by conducting through title searches, issuing title insurance, and ensuring the smooth transfer of ownership. We verify the property’s title for any issues that might impact its legal ownership.
Title insurance provides protection against unforeseen claims or disputes related to the property’s title. It safeguards your investment by covering legal expenses and potential financial losses arising from undiscovered title defects, liens, or other encumbrances.
A title search is a comprehensive examination of public records to determine the property’s ownership history, uncover any outstanding liens or judgments, and ensure that the title is free of any encumbrances that could affect the transfer of ownership.
The duration of a title search can vary depending on factors like property location and complexity. Typically, it takes a few days to a few weeks to complete a thorough title search.
In many cases, the choice of title company is negotiable between the buyer and the seller. However, mortgage lenders might have preferences or requirements for title companies due to their involvement in the transaction.
if the title search uncovers any issues, our experienced team will work diligently to resolve them. This may involve addressing outstanding liens, clearing up disputes, or taking legal action, if necessary, all with the aim of ensuring a clean title for the buyer.
While paying cash reduces the lender’s requirement for title insurance, it’s still advisable to consider purchasing an owner’s title insurance policy. It provides valuable protection against potential title defects and claims that may arise in the future.
The closing process is the final step in a real estate transaction where ownership is officially transferred, funds are disbursed, and legal documents are signed. Prosperity One manages this process by ensuring all parties meet their obligations, documents are executed correctly, and funds are securely handled.
Yes, we offer title services for both residential and commercial real estate transactions. Our team is well-equipped to handle the complexities of commercial properties, ensuring a smooth and secure transfer of ownership.
You can reach us by phone at 817.655.4816 or by email at [email protected]. Our office is located at 3200 Pleasant Run Rd. #115, Lancaster, TX 75146. We’re here to answer your questions and provide expert guidance for your title and real estate needs.